Well the snow gods delivered early…

….anywhere from 5-20 inches depending on where you were standing.   Temps are in the 30s.   It will take a few days for projects to work through this storm and get ready then there is another one aiming right at us over the weekend…….so……we are all anxious but let’s give projects some time……at this juncture we should have systems opening up right after Christmas for the holiday break.

Lakes and rivers are freezing up good but not safe yet so please use extreme caution.

This is always a tough time of the season as everyone is frothing to get out but remember not all markers are out and there maybe some small trail reroutes, land use changes, houses being built etc…..so proceed with caution.   With heavy wet snow and warm temps……sledders sure help grooming projects by getting out and packing down the snow……….just be careful.

For those of you out of The County……time to make your reservation !!!!

Happy Holidays