Storm over…..groomers out

Once again snow depths varied with 12-15 inches falling around southern Aroostook and 6-8 or a bit less going north.   Sledders are reminded that it is early and many projects are creeping through wooded sections trying to cut downed trees.  The good news is that the ground has frozen up the best it has in a long time and snow depths are allowing groomers to get started.    Right now the system is fragmented but there is good riding just the same.

CAUTION:  Stay off the lakes…….they are not frozen and there are reports of lots of slush as well as open water on many lakes despite the cold temps…..give it time !

ITS 92  has been opened. Allagash has been out on to Chamberlains; St. Francis has been out and Ft Kent has been out.

ITS 120 (Debouille Trail) has been open providing a loop out of Ft. Kent

ITS 85 remains fragmented as Portage will have to transport their groomer as the lake is still not safe to cross.   Eagle Lake has been out and Ashland has also been out.  Snow depths heading south are better but Ox Bow/Masardis has had to reroute ITS 85 to the tune of 15 miles so they will be working to get that done.  Also there will be a new section of trail from the Ox Bow end to Libby Sporting Camps and then into Shin Pond…….its a long run but Ox Bow will try to make the connection.

Logging on ITS 85 near Masardis and just outside of Ashland so use caution.

ITS 83 is open from Madawaska south to Houlton with pretty decent conditions.  All projects are reporting they have been out at least once since the last storm and are rolling today

ITS 81 will be fragmented……light snow cover on the Ft Fairfield, Easton, Limestone, Caswell ends but they all are going to try and open their sections this weekend.  Mars Hill has been out on their section………just a reminder if you are heading in that direction, the #9 Lake trail will dead end at the lake right now due to logging…….give them a couple of weeks on that one.

Up north Madawaska is reporting heavy logging on ITS 81/83 and 81A.  There is a lot of truck traffic so sledders please keep right and reduce your speed.

ITS 90 is open from Portage to Rt 105 however it is not open through to Caribou.  Caribou is expecting to open their section Saturday or Sunday.

ITS 88 is open and groomed from Presque Isle to Ashland.  Watch for trail markings as there has been a slight change on the Presque Isle end.

ITS 86 will be worked on but not reported open yet.

ITS 105 has been groomed from Van Buren south to the Squa Pan system.

Soldier Pond has been out but the lake route is not passable.

Twin Lakes (Daigle) has been out and is reporting a little hiccup on 73B left over from a logging op but they are working on that and it is marked.

St. Agatha has been through their system multiple times but reminds folks to stay off the lake…..not safe !

Frenchville’s system is open and has been worked multiple times.

If you are heading to far southern Aroostook and northern Penobscot County Shin Pond is rolling as is Millinocket and Jo Mary…….they took the brunt of the heavy snow a week ago and have been working hard to cut trees and clean up trails but should have all that cleared up after this weekend……

January 5th. On the culinary side both the Washburn Clubhouse and the Meduxneakeag Ramblers clubhouse will be opening for breakfasts for the season. Meduxneakeag is open for breakfast from 6-9 a.m. and Washburn is open Saturdays for breakfast and lunch from 7-2 and Sundays from 7-12.

January 8th The Meduxneakeag Ramblers will be hosting a meeting and pie auction on at the clubhouse beginning at 6 p.m.

If your are planning a trip here are some activities you may wish to keep in mind…….

January 20th Portage Lakers will be hosting Radar Runs….registration at 9 with runs starting at 10.  Log onto for more info.

February 9th will mark the 9th annual Andy Santerre run which begins at Griffeth Ford in Caribou.  Log on to for more info


February 16th Madawaska will be hosting the USCC East X Country Snowmobile 100 Race log onto for more info.

And don’t forget……if some of the folks prefer non motorized activities we have some of the best Nordic ski trail in Maine, two world class venues, one in Presque Isle and one in Ft. Kent and then nearly every small town in The County has local Nordic trails.  Snowshoeing is popular as well as some great downhill skiing and snowboarding at Big Rock in Mars Hill……so if you are coming to one of the top rated areas in North American to snowmobile……bring the family for lots of outdoor fun!








Kathy Mazzuchelli

About Kathy Mazzuchelli

Kathy Mazzuchelli is superintendant of the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department where she has worked for 38 years. An avid snowmobiler, Mazzuchelli’s first sled was a 1968 Polaris Mustang back in the days when groomed trails were done with snowmobiles, bedsprings and some pretty feisty folks.