It Ain’t Over !

Well the Ides of March snuck in one more major snowstorm ironically on the first day of spring.   But we all know that no matter what Puxatauney Phil’s predictions are we always have six more weeks of winter so we might as well enjoy them!

Over a foot of snow settled in across The County and most projects agreed to get out and groom although they all may not and even if they do, some trails won’t be open but most ITS trails will be open and connected for the weekend.

Please remember that the field markings may be limited so pay attention to where you are going and if field markings do exist….please stay on that marked trail as we have received lots of complaints that folks are digressing from the trails…remember you are on privately owned property that landowners have graciously allowed us access to.   Now if you live on a 1 acre lot I know when you hit the vast fields of The County you think it doesn’t matter……well believe me it does and to explain that would take up too many column inches (guess that doesn’t apply in the world of blogs!) so suffice it to say….please stick to the trail and keep access open for all of us.


  •  Although it has been cold….there is      still lots of water out there so use caution in low lying areas and      remember….rivers are open so stay clear.  Lots of brooks and streams are running as well so use caution
  • There will be water on lakes as the weather warms up again and due to streams running into lakes the ice onditions change daily so stay to marked trails and check locally before heading out
  • Conditions will vary so remember to reduce speed and please stay on       marked trails.  We have had lots of complaints that folks have been drifting off trails especially in fields…….

 Trail Conditions

ITS 81   Well Madawaska hasn’t stopped grooming so from there coming south through Frenchville you should be ok.  Grand Isle didn’t get back to me.  Caswell will groom.  Limestone doubted they would go out but Ft Fairfield and Easton will along with Mars Hill and Walker Siding.  Heading south, Ox Bow, Shin Pond will get out but no reports are coming in from further south so check locally.

ITS 83 The jewel in the Crown of Maine, Madawaska will be out along with St Agatha, Caribou and Washburn.  Presque Isle didn’t think they would go out but Mars Hill and Houlton plan on rolling.  Not sure about Linneus and Sherman but from the ITS 85 split south everyone is trying to roll.

ITS 85   This ribbon really hasn’t been broken too much this winter and Ft Kent and Eagle Lake will roll.   Portage will go over  their section and Ashland will go out if there is at least a foot of snow.  Heading south Ox Bow and Shin Pond and the northern Katahdin folks will be rolling once the snow lets up.

ITS 86  The Ox Bow end is closed due to logging but Meduxneakeag will roll to St Croix Lake for locals and visitors alike

ITS 88 Aroostook River will groom to the clubhouse and beyond and Ashland indicated they would roll providing there is sufficient snow so check locally.

ITS 90   Plenty of ice on the lake so Portage will roll…..but stick to the marked trail

ITS 92 Ft Kent, St Francis and Allagash will roll

ITS 105  Van Buren will roll, they will also try to do Rt 94 and Rt 79.  Unfortunately there is open water on Madawaska River and Halfway Brook so Rt 89 north from Caribou will not be open.

Most projects will try to open ITS trails but some smaller trails may not be groomed but there will be absolutely plenty of spring riding on….well …..the first day of spring…..ok maybe not til the second day

Culinary Delights and Special Events

January – March.

The Washburn Clubhouse and the Meduxneakeag Ramblers clubhouse are open for breakfasts until the end of March. Meduxneakeag is open for breakfast Saturdays from 6-9 a.m. and Washburn is open Saturdays for breakfast and lunch from 7-2 and Sundays from 7-12 through the end of the month

Stew Nights at the Presque Isle Clubhouse on Fridays through the end of March….this Friday maybe the last….

Homed cook meals at the St Francis Clubhouse on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Kathy Mazzuchelli

About Kathy Mazzuchelli

Kathy Mazzuchelli is superintendant of the Caribou Parks and Recreation Department where she has worked for 38 years. An avid snowmobiler, Mazzuchelli’s first sled was a 1968 Polaris Mustang back in the days when groomed trails were done with snowmobiles, bedsprings and some pretty feisty folks.